Yamile Tulian
Highly recommend Dr. Hurtado. I had really bad pain in my neck area over Easter weekend, he was willing to come in last minute on a Sunday. I left feeling a lot better, and by the next day my pain was gone. Extremely appreciate his time and great customer service. He is also very skilled and knowledgeable as he can explain what the cause of the problem is.

marcelo galan
Recommended for sure!! Dr. Hurtado truly cares about your well being, and doesn't just worry about getting dollars out of you like others. I went to him when my back wouldn't allow me to talk straight, after just a few sessions I was back to normal and feeling great.

Liza Quintana
You have GOT TO make an appointment with the best, most natural, most gentle, Chiropractor I have ever used, Dr. Art Hurtado. He has been just amazing and knows exactly where my "problem areas" are. I have been treated by him for years and have never felt better! I have referred my bosses and their family members and all of us have had wonderful results. You will receive personalized care and lasting results. I highly recommend this wonderful Dr. for any issues you are having! You will be thrilled with your results after just one visit!

Paul R-J
I’m very happy to have Dr. Hurtado as my chiropractor. I’m an active dog walker, soccer player and bicycle rider and these activities occasionally result in an “episode” of sudden and severe lower back pain. I’ve been visiting Dr Hurtado for around 6 years. Two or three weeks, and four or five visits, have me up and running again. Last year, Kaiser sent me to a different chiropractor and the results just weren’t the same. The difference, in my opinion, is experience. There’s no substitute for experience, and Dr. Hurtado has been doing this for a while now. A visit to his office is a relaxed affair and he takes time to understand your injury/pain before deciding on a course of treatment. In my case, that treatment isn’t just an adjustment, but also includes stimulating the spinal column and massaging the surrounding muscles. I’ll take this over the muscle relaxant/painkiller alternative that my medical doctor has to offer! Price of treatment is also excellent and now it’s covered by my Kaiser benefits too.

Arlene Armendariz
Dr. Hurtado is a very accomplished chiropractor. He truly cares for his patients over all well being. I always feel so much better after an adjustment. Dr. Hurtado is kind hearted, and will always take extra time to explain why I am experiencing pain and what I can do to avoid hurting myself in the future. He has become someone I truly confide in. I highly recommend Dr. Hurtado's services!

James Parshall
Fantastic service.... Called from the E.R. and he was able to see me that afternoon. Got immediate results and I was able to walk out the door. And actually see his face for the first time. I continue to see him on a regular basis. Finally getting the must needed help that I needed. Thank you. Dr. Hurtado

Dave Bunker
Dr Hurtado is one of the best chiropractors I have found. I had a bad back spasm about a year and a half ago, getting weekly adjustments, and following his advise with core strengthening,and stretching,I have been pain free since my last issue. I strongly recommend this doctor he is fair with his fee and very trustworthy.

Michele Schatz
I have been going to Dr. Hurtado for many, many years. He is a fabulous Chiropractor!!!!! He fixes me every time whether it's my back, neck, shoulder or headaches. He is gentle and very professional. I always recommend him to my friends. I really trust him.

Mario Gonzales
The Best