Lower Back Stretches

Is lower Back Pain Bringing You Down? Continue reading to learn about lower back stretches.
(Keep in mind exercises should be done when you are feeling well and in some cases, not when you are in acute pain).
(Consult your chiropractor when you are in pain) 
Did you know 80% of Americans will deal with lower back pain at least once in their lives? Before discussing a potential solution, let’s identify the top 5 causes of back pain:
1. Pain caused by a disc being out of place or herniated, a result of aging or trauma
2. Degenerative Disk Disease, which is less a disease, and more the natural process your spine goes through with age, as your spine loses its water content and sponginess 
3. Facet Joint Pain, which is when your faucet joint, supplied by two nerves, experiences one or both of these nerves being pinched or inflamed
4. A pinched nerve caused by discs being pushed out of place
5. Muscle or ligament strain caused by everyday activity such as heavy lifting or even sitting at your desk for long periods of time
Reduce or Relieve Lower Back Pain With These Stretches

Child’s Pose: With your buttocks resting on your heels and your legs spread hip-width, stretch your arms out, above your head. As you relax into the stretch, be aware of your back and the relief of your muscles.

Touching your toes: As your standing up, keep your legs in the natural standing position with your feet shoulder length apart and reach for your toes. This not only loosens your back but your hamstrings as well, as the root of back pain can be a result of tight leg muscles 

Knees to Chest: Lying on your back, bring your knees to your chest and gently squeeze your legs to keep them close to your core while focusing on the stretch and relaxation of your lower spine.
Cat-Cow Position: While on your hands and knees, alternate between arching your back to the floor and the ceiling. As you inhale through your mouth, arch your back towards the ceiling. On the exhale, bring your spine back down into a resting position.
*Duration and frequency of exercise  is dependent on your condition. Consult your physician.
And always remember, no one has your back like your chiropractor