Neck Pain & ‘Text Neck’

Ever Heard of “Text Neck?”
I hate to break it to you, but texting has a negative effect on your spine and can cause neck pain.
Even just tilting your head 30 degrees causes unneeded pressure on your neck. The weight of your head combined with added pressure results in upper back and neck pain. In severe cases, ‘text neck’ can lead to a pinched nerve, which can radiate down into your arm or hand.
Keeping your head tilt between 0 and 10 degrees is best to maintain proper adjustment. Even if you might feel funny holding your phone in front of your face, your upper back and neck will be thankful. 
-Be more aware of the tilt of your head/ neck in daily activities, even walking
-Hold your phone up to your face rather than looking down at it to prevent head/neck tilt
-Take breaks from looking down at your phone or laptop by taking a walk while maintaining proper posture
-Stretching your neck from left to right, and up and down will help keep the muscles healthy and loose
Remember, the team at Canyon Crest Chiropractic Clinic has your back.


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